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How Much Does a Nose Job Cost?

Mar 9, 2014 by     No Comments    Posted under: Health & Beauty

Nose job - rhinoplasty
What’s on this page:

  • Overall Cost Summary
  • Non-Surgical Nose Jobs Costs
  • Deviated Septums & Costs
  • Rhinoplasty Costs
  • Plastic Surgery Costs
  • Nose Reconstruction
  • Recovery Time
  • Cost With Insurance
  • Cost Without Insurance

    Nose Job Cost Summary

    Price Range = $4,000 – $20,000
    Average Cost = $4,493
    Cheapest Price = $3,000

    The nose is one of the most important features on one’s face, thus a healthy and proportionate nose is essential for geometric harmony. There are a number of different nose surgeries, with each having its own conditions and results. Likewise, each type of surgery is performed by a different specialist and will differ in price.

    Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

    A non-surgical nose job is a minimally invasive procedure that differs greatly from the traditional rhinoplasty. Unlike the standard method, the non-surgical procedure does not involve any removal, shaving or cutting of the patient’s tissue. The shape of the nose is altered using injectable fillers. The fillers help to fill in concave areas of the nose, helping to smooth prominent bumps. As this form of rhinoplasty is used for augmentation, it cannot be used to reduce the size of one’s nasal features.

    Non-Surgical Costs

    With any cosmetic medical procedure, the cost of the surgery will vary with each patient. The patient’s personal characteristics, as well as his or her goals and expectations, will affect the final cost of the procedure. The surgeon’s expertise in addition to the location of the practice may have an effect on the price as well. A typical non-surgical nose job in Los Angeles may cost from $1,000 to $1,250. Certain practices may implement a financing plan to cover the procedure.

    Deviated Septums

    The nasal septum is a wall that divides the nasal cavity into halves. When the septum is poorly aligned within the cavity it shifts away from the midline. This deviation can lead to complications within the nose and throat. Less serious symptoms include congestion, snoring, facial pain and obstructed breathing. If the condition is more severe it can lead to nosebleeds and repeated sinus infections. The symptoms of a deviated septum can be treated with a nasal surgery known as a septoplasty.

    Deviated Septum Surgery and Costs

    A septoplasty used to correct a deviated septum is performed through the patient’s nostrils, thus he or she avoids noticeable bruising or scars. The procedure usually takes between one hour and 90 minutes to complete and may be combined with other nose surgeries. Parts of the septum that are altered during surgery may be relocated or removed altogether. Costs for a septoplasty procedure can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the procedure and the location of the practice. In some areas it may only cost $3,000 to $8,000, while in others it can reach the double digits.

    Esthetic Rhinoplasty

    The most common purpose for seeking nose surgery is to improve its appearance. Most patients aim to do so with a standard cosmetic surgery procedure. Cosmetic nose jobs are meant to improve the shape of the nose and its proportion in relation to the rest of the face. Different patients seek to improve or enhance specific nasal features. Some may want to reduce bumps while others may want to narrow the nasal bridge or define the tip.

    Plastic Surgery Costs

    The needs of the patient will determine the cost of the procedure. Some methods will be more costly than others where specific techniques are considered. The national average for a rhinoplasty is around $4,500 but can increase to much more depending on the depth of the procedure. Many cosmetic nose jobs are combined with other procedures such as correction of a deviated septum or sinus condition. When joint surgeries are performed, the surgery can amount to $8,000 or more.

    Nose Reconstruction Surgery

    Reconstruction surgery on the nose aims to correct problems with its structure or function. Reconstructive surgery may be needed in the event of an accident or trauma, after facial tumor removal or to repair problems caused by a previous rhinoplasty. The portion of the face or nose without lesions is used as a guide to determine what the final structure will resemble. Tissue may be taken from other body parts such as the ear or rib in order to repair the damaged areas.

    Cost of Reconstructive Surgery

    The cost of reconstructive surgery on the nose will vary based on which portions of the nose are affected. The nasal structure is divided into distinct parts and one or many of them may need treatment. The complexity of the procedure or size of the lesion may also affect the cost of reconstruction. If reconstructive surgery is performed along with cosmetic nose surgery it will cost more than when performed alone. Because the scope of reconstructive nasal surgery is so vast, costs can range from $5,000 to $15,000 or more.

    Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

    A simple nose surgery may take from two to four weeks before normal activities can be resumed. With more complicated surgeries, additional procedures may need to be performed before treatment is completed. Surgery healing takes longer where swelling is considered. Some procedures may result in swelling that lasts for months, with final results not showing for a year or longer.

    Nose Surgery Cost with Insurance

    Most nose surgeries are done as cosmetic surgeries only, thus they are not considered by insurance companies. If a cosmetic rhinoplasty is done in conjunction with another type of nose surgery, the procedure may then be covered. Most companies will not cover the costs unless some part of the operation is done to correct function problems. Nose reconstruction is typically covered by insurance while correction of a deviated septum may or may not be.

    Cost Without Insurance

    If a procedure is deemed as an unnecessary operation performed solely or mainly for esthetic enhancement, it will not usually be covered by insurance. Because of the fact that most nasal surgeries are cosmetic, quotes and estimations from other patients can be an appropriate means to predict the cost of the procedure. Standard nose surgeries tend to cost from $5,000 to $10,000.

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