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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Nov 21, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Health & Beauty

If your hair looks limp and lifeless despite your best efforts, you may need hair extensions. They can add volume and shine to your hair without being noticeable. It is easy to create a confident new you by finding the style perfect for you and your price range.

Hair extensions exist for your current style or your next big makeover. Extensions come in all colors, lengths and looks whether you need a few wavy locks or an entire collection of red tresses. We recommend that you browse different brands to see what you like and what will work best with your hair. Extensions has a large selection of brands that offer all possible options from simple clip ins to human hair extensions. The site also shows the spectrum of price ranges for extensions as cost runs from $30-$400 with most options costing around $200.

All hairstyles will look fabulous on models, but some hair extensions look different in person. Synthetic hair extensions are less expensive, but many people think the hair does not feel right or looks fake. Human hair extensions are popular because the strands feel real and create a natural look. This hair has usually been treated to stay healthy and can add definition to your current style. Sally Beauty offers clip-in hair extensions made from human hair for as low as $20, but the average price on the site is around $150.

Working with hair extensions can be complicated, so pay attention to the type you select. Typically, you put up your hair to make a part that the extensions go below. Some products will be one piece while others will be separate strands. Ulta offers many one piece options to lengthen hair, add bangs or make hair straight or wavy. These extensions are easier for beginners to use and range between $30-$100 with most being $100. If you are looking for something small or fun to complete your look, then there are $10 options. These extensions are blue streaks, animal print, braided hair and more and can be worn for a night and removed the next day.

Many individuals do not put in extensions because they trust stylists to do a better job. Stylists can weave the hair into the scalp using glue which is more secure than clips or use techniques that will make the extensions stay in longer. Prices will vary by salon depending on the length of hair, the process used, the type of extensions and more. You can buy extensions beforehand so that stylists will charge only for labor or buy specialty extensions from a stylist. Extensions cost between $150-$600, and the price of labor could add at least $100. Professionals can make sure hair looks correct, and extensions will normally last up to six months.

Those looking to create a dynamic impression at work or socially are turning to cold fusion. This process is gentle on hair and uses keratin instead of glue to attach hair. Vibrations bond the extensions to real hair without using heat, and this is safe for thinning hair and sensitive scalps. This process can cost as little as $250 but is generally more expensive and around $1,500. Many stylists use SO.CAP extensions which increase the price. These extensions are of the highest quality and can only be used by trained stylists.

Hair extensions can be changed every day or be a permanent part of your look. While you may find your perfect style for as little as $20, most extensions cost around $200-$400. However, those that have hair extensions know they are a vital part of the beauty arsenal.

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