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How Much Does Laser Liposuction Cost?

Jan 23, 2014 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Health & Beauty

laser liposuction
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  • Cost Summary
  • Side Effects
  • Risks
  • Vaser Costs
  • Laser Body Sculpting Costs


    Cost Summary of Laser Liposuction

    Price Range: $1,000-$2,000
    Average Price: $4,525
    Cheapest Price: $1,200 (Florida, Oregon, Canada)

    In this article the reader will learn about the cost, procedure, and effects of having laser liposuction done to their body. No medical fee is ever cheap but when it comes to elective surgeries and procedures, sometimes called plastic surgeries, the prices can seem to be a bit outrageous if you do not have a price scale with which to compare them. The cost of these laser liposuction sessions vary based on factors such as location. For instance, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida you can get liposuction with a laser for $3,500 and just two states away in Hammond, Louisiana you could pay $7,300.

    As with any other elective medical procedure, the patient must be fully aware of any and all possible outcomes of the procedure. It is not only the physician’s job to inform the patient, but the patient is responsible for researching and making themselves aware of the risks and side effects as well.

    Laser Lipo Side Effects

    Although 79 percent of the people who were asked after getting laser lipo said it was worth it, there are still some side effects. Some of these side effects are worse than others while some are utterly uncomfortable.

    • Burns: According to a plastic surgeon based out of Los Angeles, California named Peter B. Fodor, MD, “There is no question that if you hit exactly right, you will cause the skin to contract. A little injury is good, but too much and you get burned.” There is very little room for error.
    • Contour Irregularities: This means that particular areas may not be as smooth as you would have hoped and might remain a little lumpy. If this occurs, you can re-visit the physician who performed the procedure to find out what can be done to fix the problem.
    • Seroma: Seroma is a side effect that may also occur after the procedure. It is caused when fluid starts to build up where the fat was previously located. This is another side effect that should prompt you to return to your doctor.

    Laser Lipo Risks

    The risks that go along with laser liposuction are greatly reduced because of the advances in modern medicine. The use of local anesthesia helps to lower the chance of risk even further. The procedure for laser lipo is relatively low-risk if you don’t count the possibility of side effects.

    VASER Liposuction Cost

    The average price to have a VASER liposuction procedure done is $5,175. Out of 370 reviews, 85 percent claim their VASER liposuction procedures were worth it. The south eastern coastal region of the United States of America is generally the cheapest place to have VASER lipo work done with prices ranging from $3,000 to $8,000. Other places such as Arizona, Colorado, and Michigan charge close to $12,000.

    Laser Body Sculpting Cost

    Laser body sculpting uses a laser to make fat cells contract, start to shrink, and eventually become smaller. The cost of having this procedure done and getting your fat “zapped away” ranges from $1,500 to $1,700 for a package of six treatments. According to some laser body sculpting companies, there is no pain, bruising, allergic reactions, or side effects.

    Before deciding to get any type of laser liposuction, whether it be regular laser, VASER, or body sculpting, take a little time to conduct some research about the procedure and everything that it entails. Do not go blindly into a surgery because you are euphoric about the way you imagine you will be after the procedure. You can make lists of pros and cons if that helps, and look for more details about recovery time and what to expect during recovery. Find out all the information you can before signing yourself up for a medical procedure.h

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